Public Buildings

Jaina Bhavana for Dakshina Kannada Jain Education Society, Puttur

Location:Puttur, Coastal Karnataka, India

The clients’ budget was to construct a small community hall, the project was partly funded by the Minority Commission of India. The hall was designed to provide 500 seats in a covered area, an additional spill over space for 500 more were provided under the shaded tree making the hall with a total capacity of 1000 seats.

The hot & humid climate of the region makes indoor public spaces uncomfortable. The design had to respond to a hot and humid climate by opening the side walls and providing perforated jalli for the remaining walls and ventilators on the roof.

To make the audience more involved in the event the stage was designed to be as close as possible to the audience evolving a design with 3 sided seating instead of the conventional one sided seating. A rotated diagonal grid within a larger square grid with was provided to achieve lighter and more economical sections of steel trusses.




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