A.) Project: The Dome House

Site: Mangalore, Coastal Karnataka, India
The client’s foremost requirement was to make sure he did not use cement or steel to build his house. The outcome was a house built using stabilized mud blocks moulded at site using available earth from foundation pits and some site levelling. Second hand doors and windows were picked up from the scarp yard, re-polished to look like new – at 50% of the cost of new wooden doors and windows. Besides old wood is well seasoned and generally strong.

An 804 sqft house with an inner diameter of 32 feet inner diameter. Circle contains the maximum inner area with the least perimeter for any given shape, reducing the outer foundation and wall quantity and costs.

Mangalore tiles laid on top of the stabilized mud block dome by providing masonry ribs at regular intervals to in order to protect from the heavy rainfall (2500-3000mm annually) during the monsoon season.




B.) Project: River Front – Farm House

Materials Used:

Wall: Rubble Stone from the estate, Manually pressed Stabilized Mud Blocks at site.

Roof: Mud Block Vault, Mud Block Filler RCC Slab – With Mangalore Tile

Flooring: Terra Cota Tiles & Polished Kota Stone.





C.) Project: Beach house

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  1. Wonderful work! I am deeply interested in exo friendly work.

    Could you please tell me if we could construct a traditional Mangalore tiled sloped roof with steel frame work without using rcc. Would it be protective against heavy monsoon? Would it require double layer of tiles? I presume it would also cost lesser than rcc.

    How resistant are the stabilised mud bricks to heavy rain and moisture? Wouldn’t there be seepage inside?

  2. very good indeed. My question is similar to Ms. Jayalakshmi’s. I am equally interested in a mangalore tiled roof with steel fabricated supports. At the same time the steel structure should not be heavy. Is there a way? What will be the cost for building a 800 sq. ft. structure on the first floor?


  3. I am interested in exactly the same type of house con struction that u do….great friendly…old world charm ..

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